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Power to the flower 


The Andersen Gartneri (Andersen Horticulture) are know for their quality and solid delivery to shops and suppliers, but this is often lost on the way to the final purchaser of their products.


The task, therefore, was to strengthen the brand all the way through to the consumer.


Using design that focuses on the refined – the skills of talking to the flowers and plants – and caring about them as something living.

We wanted to lift the down-to-earth-impression, but not go all in on flowershop-elegant.

At the same time, we needed to strengthen the identity of being a solid supplier to the shops. 

A lot of the giant production facility is run by a robot, which is positive for the buyers. In the same time, it disturbs the perception of handmade and refined, which we want to communicate to the consumer. To them, the focus is on love for the product and handcraft.


A complete visual identity. It can be viewed in an online profile guide; Profilguide Andersen Gartneri

The guide includes logo, colors, typography, illustrations, photobank from photoshoots, templates and a range of examples of the visual identity in use. From social media to profiling of the trucks that brings the plants out to the shops.

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