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Our core

We create tailor-made concepts and communication tools to help businesses

grow and stand out. We design and

develop brans that get our

clients attention, love

and profits.

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Our services





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Every good partnership starts with a conversation. Let's talk!

Fredrik Temte

managing director +47 959 14 980

Our attittude

Our clients are our main inspiration. We are extremely passionate about what we do and have a clear focus on what to deliver: Working with us should make a difference while feeling fun doing it.


Our process 

The way we work on each project varies according to need and project size, but we still have some basic phases we like to work through.

01. Discover 

This is the phase when we meet our clients. We want to know the story behind the project, brand or idea to understand the challenges and spot the real needs and hidden desires.

02. Define

Nobody knows the project better than the client, but it is our responsibility to take it further based on our experience. In this phase, we team up to make a solid core for the project. We analyze, structure, and provide a strategy for the visual concept...

03. Create

This is where we translate the concept and the strategy into images, objects, or spaces. This is also our favorite part.

04. Deliver 

We present our proposal, and we receive the client’s feedback. Once everything is authorized, we support our clients with external suppliers for production.

The results

What we do works. And we got the evidence to prove it. 

Have a look at some of our projects:

  • Plankejens

  • Difi

  • Hugna

  • Borgen

The Awards

We are proud of the fact that our work has been
for its true potential, winning numerous national and international design awards.  


The Dieline Award 

Red Dot Award 

European Design Award x 2 

DogA Award x 2

Award for Design Excellence 

Eulda (Finest European logo) x 2 

Visuelt x 16 


Årets vakreste bøker x 2

Farmandprisen x 2



Aftenposten Best prospect

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