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Borgen /

Ingrid Lønningdal



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A place to make


The monumental brick-building with the name Borgen, in the middle of Oslo Old Town, was a hugely visual and historical hub for cultural productions on Norway's capital for 20 years.


The brick walls and key location made it a key navigational spot in more than one way.  

The book takes a historical look at what Borgen meant to Oslo and the cultural life that comes with it. As it was cleared from the face of Earth to make way for new infrastructure, what value had Borgen represented to the development of the city? Through photos, texts and art projects, the book documents aspects related to this.


Through design, format and tactile choices, the book is as heavy in your hands as it tried to be blunt to anyone who visited – always creating a room for thought and challenging the creative process. 


How to digitize a directorate and while embracing the humane in a new and seamless visual profile?


How to clarify and gather a directorate with several units with differing communication needs and target groups?


Difis social mission is to modernize and redesign the public sector. This is a big and complex task for an organization with a constantly evolving audience.

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