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IL10 / Monografi

Ingrid Lønningdal



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The artist and her

10 years of work

Ingrid Lønningdal — 10 is a critical review of the first ten years of Ingrid Lønningdal's artistic practice. 

The book is a classic monograph but also a collaborative project. All the writers, artists, designers, and editors met over two days to have the same starting point for the book's work.

The book design reflects the artist's practice in color and material choices. The first leg is in the matte, cream-colored paper. In this way, the book's entrance is "soft" and creates a unique space for the artist's text and a great portrait. 


The works in this section are both individual works and collaborative works. This first leg thus clearly shows what the reader has in store. We solved the challenge with a bilingual publication through colored text that incorporates the estimate that lies in the resale and the first leg. 


Furthermore, the text in Norwegian is somewhat smaller than the English, and thus the artist's interest in scale is included in the book design. 


The book has several "reading levels." You can read it in a classic way from beginning to end, and include the works in the picture chapters between each text chapter. One can use the book as a pure picture book and browse through an art. 


The third level is created by having an excerpt from each text placed at regular intervals on cream-colored pages. If you read these excerpts from beginning to end together with the pictures, the reader is served an overall description of the artistry and gets a deeper understanding than just looking at the pictures. 


The book received awards in both Visually and the Most Beautiful Books of the Year 2020. 

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