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SpareBank1 and NSF - The Norwegian Cross-Country Skiteam and The Official Norwegian Waxing Trailer



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Skjermbilde 2020-11-18 kl. 13.21.57.png

Going faster can also look nice

Briefly said

There's not many heroes bigger than the cross country skiers, in Norway. Reaping gold medals after gold medals, the team is the dominant player in this sport. 

The solid team behind the athletes include the ski lubricators, who does everything they can to prepare the best pair of skis for every racer in the team. Huge resources are put into this work. The custom-made, state-of-the-art team bus for the staff to make the preparations, are sight to behold as they tour around during the season. 

We were proud to design the bus and lift not only the brand perception of the whole skiing team, but also the main sponsor, SpareBank 1. Go, Team Norway!