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Building a city


Together with the customer, we worked out several aspects to ensure the right direction of the work: A clean-up of the target groups, a workshop on what the desired impression should be, and what the visual profile can give personality. 

The result included an adjustment of the logo emblem: Iconic buildings from the Værste area will be continued in this. Name and spelling are customized: Værste has a name with a double meaning. Therefore, it may make sense to look at a logo with a clear visual word picture so that one eventually focuses more on recognition than the problematic meaning of the name. 

Name feature: Soft and subdued word picture for a complicated name. Visually pleasing flow and great uniqueness give easy recognition.



Scalable communication for the company. It is essential to balance the need for widespread communication with the opportunity to appear more formal when needed. The new visual profile allows for a transparent scaling of communication.


Værste wanted a boost to their visual profile to ensure that the company emerges as the innovative and quality-conscious real estate developer. 

With a clearer and more contemporary identity, Værste will consolidate its unique position in the market and, at the same time, tackle the challenges of the future in a more challenging competitive situation. 

The identity should have a modern, tight, and contemporary design language with adapted elements to the target groups. The identity must give signals about a safe and inclusive developer where all visual means are carefully chosen. More humane communication is essential.

Skjermbilde 2020-12-30 kl. 15.00.44.png
Skjermbilde 2020-12-30 kl. 15.01.41.png
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