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WOC - World Orientation Championship 2019 



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A well-oriented championship


Norway hosted the World Cup in Orientation 2019. 

A great event in every way — but with limited financial means. 


There was a clear need for a smart and strong visual identity, which could give a powerful signal effect as efficiently as possible. 


The official orientation symbol used to mark posts in the trail — The international symbol created for optimal contrasts and maximum visibility.


A simple symbol with rapid recognition powers in the Western cultures. Previously used in a variety of logos, with varying degrees of success.

Despite the widely used symbol, it has not previously been taken out in its purest form — as the central element of communication. We wanted to change this. 


We introduced the concept “The powerful melting point”:

· Where nations meet

· Where the performer meets the audience

· Where man meets nature


It was built around a dynamic interface: the orange cut — a symbol of the melting point.

It was then passed on to a visual system consisting of simple and powerful elements, which allowed for variation in use.


A dynamic identity with great recognition powers.

It clarifies both the sport, the event, the athlete, and nature.


A powerful arena for a very successful event.

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